Video Answer: An Argument Against Homosexuality?

Posted: March 30, 2010 by Alan Shlemon in Do the Right Thing

Alan answers a question submitted through the website: “How can I give a concise argument against the morality of homosexuality without seeming judgmental or hateful?”

  1. Tee Ar says:

    Paul Aldri[t?]ch’s “Disfunctional Family Theme Song?” says,

    “… My father drinks and gambles,
    My mother [sobs and pines],
    My sister has quit eating,
    We all live in denial.
    My brother has low self-esteem,
    and thinks he just turned Ga-a-ay —
    They all take turns to beat me up,
    What else can I say.

    We’re dysfu-u-untional, dys-func-tional …
    Dys-FUNC-tional as a family can be,
    We’re co-dependent, can’t you see?
    We’re insecure, we’ll always be
    If we were receiving Ther-apy,
    In {{just}} 12 {{steps}} we’ll be-e-e se-e-et fr-ee-ee-ee!”

    Children who are subservient to homo-philic Guardians may suffer academically (based on statistics)
    (-a Cal. Proposition 8 [] Representative on Radio).

    Forlorn, shunned, ex-hetero-philes may be consoled by the lament of the Male Chauvinist Pirate —
    Ar-r-rg, Ma-ties, Women neither Toys nor Lettuce be-e-e.

  2. Tee Ar says:

    Average duration of a homo-philic couple’s [physically intimate] relationship is
    1.5 years (- Prop. 8 advocate) to
    5 years (-Michael Medved, KRLA-AM L.A., circa 2005, Chr’n Era).
    Aver. # of extra Lovers = 6 (-Prot. Marr. org).

    I missed Greg Koukl’s source for the assertion that
    2% of homo-philic coulples remained intact slightly less than 1 year.