Social Justice Means Caring for the Unborn

Posted: March 8, 2010 by Alan Shlemon in Do the Right Thing

The unbornJanuary 22, 2010 marked the 37th year since Roe v. Wade gave the Constitution’s right to privacy a new meaning. Abortion remains legal in all 50 states, throughout all nine months of pregnancy, and for virtually any reason.

It’s strange, though, that as I speak on abortion in churches and schools, I find many students uncomfortable with it. They would rather talk about social justice: Human trafficking, poverty, and homelessness. Now, I think these causes are important. I care about them and have supported them.

But if what we believe about abortion is true (that it kills an innocent human being), then it becomes an important – if not the most important – social justice issue. There are 3,315 unborn children killed each day.

What upsets me even more is that unlike more trendy social justice issues, Christians are not just apathetic about abortion, some are having abortions. Alan Guttmacher (the research arm for Planned Parenthood) reports that 27% of abortions are committed by Catholics and 43% by Protestants. Christians are killing their own children.

The vast majority of these abortions are done by high school, college, and young adults. Fifty percent of abortions are done by women younger than 25, 33% by women aged 20-24, and 17% by teenagers.

The most dangerous place for a baby to be in America today is resting in her mother’s womb.

Sadly, many young Christians are pro-life, but do nothing to stop the killing. But we can all make abortion unthinkable in our sphere of influence. Besides not having an abortion yourself, you can help someone you know not have an abortion or do what you can to learn how to change minds on abortion. Yes, people do their change minds on this issue.

I suggest learning our tactics and using our tools because I know they work, but I’m happy if you use any effective method. Learning to persuade others on abortion is a small sacrifice for a social justice issue that’s well worth the effort.

If you can financially support a pro-life advocate, that’s great. It’s even better if you can become one – even part time. But never underestimate the power of a changed mind. A changed mind changes other minds. Many changed minds change public opinion. And public opinion eventually changes policy. That saves lives.

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